How Africa’s Richest Man, Dangote is Making His Money Right Now

Apart from being the richest man in Africa, Dangote is a “Low Margins Billionaire” getting wealth from selling products that has one of the lowest profit margins in the world like cement, sugar, flour and other consumables. That is the man’s secret to wealth-producing something that people can’t do without no matter the economy. You […]

Branding in Nigeria

Branding is one of the most beautiful aspect of marketing many people despise greatly Since coca cola took over the soft drink market all soft drinks are called coke! Maggi came and took over the seasoning market and everybody knew no other name beverages were either known as bournvita or Milo the list is long. […]

How to Start a Liquid Soap Production Business

Liquid soap, Tablet Soap and laundry starch and many other household product making business offer solutions to alternative income. This is your time to fight back this economy. Household products are product people can’t do without on a daily basis. These are products that keep companies like PZ, Unilever, Procter & Gambler and many others […]